Citadel Bingo Sites

Citadel is an online payment service offering players the ability to fund their online bingo account using an echeck. It is important to note that Citadel and Mycitadel are part of the same parent company, but are really 2 different Bingo Deposit Methods. Citadel Bingo Sites offer players the ability to fund their account via echeck, and do not allow other funding options, such as credit or debit cards. Learn more about Mycitadel Bingo, another Citadel branded payment option that provides palyers with a little more flexibility, and the same high level of security and reliability as Citadel eChecks.

Online Bingo enthusiasts love the idea of being able to simply transfer funds out of their checking account into their bingo account through an eCheck funds transfer.  The simplicity of it and the reliability of being able to deal with your personal bank, which you trust and rely upon on a daily basis, brings a whole new level of 'peace of mind' to the game.  Because using Citadel Bingo Sites does involve an actual bank transfer, it does eliminate customers who do not hold a checking account.  

Citadel is a brand we're all familiar with and comfortable with, another great selling point to this superbly reliable online payment solution.  There is a little bit of a registration process to get the ball rolling when using Online Bingo Sites Accepting Citadel, but it is worth the effort to get everything in place as Citadel turns out to be one of the most secure, user friendly, and reliable online payment solutions out there.  

At this time, there are not any of our featured bingo sites that accept Citadel deposits. We have however listed the industry leading brands, and all of them have a robust banking suite that offers multiple alternatives for funding your account. With a wide variety to choose from, there will be a secure alternative to Citadel payments for both US and non-US players.

Bingo Sites Accepting Citadel

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