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The Delta Card is a widely used debit card account, and has become one of the most widely utilized online payment solutions among UK players throughout the online gaming community at their favorite Delta Bingo Sites. The Delta Card is part of the Visa brand and is considered to be a reliable and convenient option for serving as one of the best Bingo Deposit Methods.

The Visa Delta Card is only available to residents of the UK. Using your Delta card at online bingo sites are highly popular among UK players as these bingo enthusiasts absolutely love how user friendly and reliable this funding method is.  Although this card sports the Visa logo, the Delta Card operates as a debit card, and the funds are debited directly from your checking account and transferred into your online bingo account.  This being the case, this deposit method is not an option for players who do not have a checking account to tie the card to. 

You may also use the card anywhere world wide that Visa is accepted to make online purchases or pay bills, and of course at any online bingo site that accepts Delta.  Its as easy as using a credit card, only without the monthly bill!!  There is no indication as to whether the Visa Delta Card will ever be opened up to accept players from other nations, but we can always hope!  For now, it is an easy, convenient and flexible online payment solution for UK players to use!!

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