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If you know what the internet is, then you are most likely familiar with Paypal also. Paypal is the leader in online payments for the e-commerce highway and are as trusted as the day is long. Recently Paypal bingo sites have come onto the scene because Paypal is now allowing non-USA bingo halls to offer Paypal as a Bingo Deposit Method. This is a huge win for players who want a trusted option for funding their bingo account, without the hassles of providing personal and sensitive information to an online bingo hall.

Paypal is one of the most recognized banking solutions in the world.  Processing the bulk of the millions of ebay purchases occurring every day, you'd be hard pressed to find someone not familiar with them.  Paypal online bingo rooms are wise to partner with this online payment solution giant as millions of their customers prefer to use them whenever possible. Registering for a Paypal account is quick and easy, and funding your account is even easier. Any time you make a purchase using Paypal, they will automatically move to debit the source that you have registered as your funding option with them. This can be either a checking account or a credit/debit card. If you register both options, you will always have a back-up plan in case one source is depleted.

While Paypal is a very popular payment solution in the United States, US players are not able to utilized their beloved Paypal accounts for any gambling related transactions.  Paypal has been known to freeze the accounts of anyone in the USA they suspect is using their accounts for gambling purposes.  It is not recommended that you even try.  It is possible however for your Paypal account to be used to fund a third party e-wallet account which can then be used at Online Bingo Sites Accepting Paypal in many cases.  UK players now have the ability to use Paypal to fund their account, very good news for our British Bingo buffs.

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