Solo Bingo Sites

Solo Bingo Sites may not be plentiful at this point, but they sure are popular. UK players have access to this trusted Bingo Deposit Method, and are making good use of it! Accepted at millions of merchants worldwide, the Solo Card is quickly replacing other higher cost electronic methods of payment as the card of choice throughout the UK. It didn't take long for online gaming enthusiasts to find this incredibly convenient option and begin using it to fund their online gambling adventures. We anticipate that online bingo will jump on this bandwagon in a big way in the near future.

Prepaid debit cards such as the Solo card are becoming the preferred way to proceed these days when making online purchases and when funding your Solo accepting bingo accounts.  In today's dangerous world of identity theft and cyber predators, you can never be too careful concerning your online financial transactions.  The Solo card, and other prepaid debit card accounts, are able to shield your private information from any third parties, including Solo Bingo Sites, providing an additional layer of protection for you and your money.  And who doesn't want this kind of peace of mind? 

The Solo Card has successfully delivered high quality service, a streamlined and simple method of obtaining your Solo Card, and powerful spending power at all online bingo sites.  The Solo Card is part of the Maestro Network and enjoys a customer base of over 5 million cardholders.  Going Solo is the way to go!!

Bingo Sites Accepting Solo Cards

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