Bank Wire Bingo Sites

Bank wires offer players the ability to transfer funds directly from their bank account to their Bank Wire Bingo Site account using what is called a wire transfer. The process has become a widely used Bingo Deposit Method, and isn't complicated at all. The peace of mind and security in dealing with your own bank, whom you know and trust is a very valuable benefit to using this superb banking option.

First you will need to sign up at one of the exceptional bank wire bingo sites below, and then contact the cashier of that bingo site for the particulars on where to send the wire transfer. This will include routing and account numbers, country of residence, ect.. Then you need to go to your bank and fill out the form to complete the bank wire transfer. Many banks have optimized an online way of completing this process, so more than likely you will not be required to actually visit the bank to process the bank wire requests.

The funds resulting from this type of transfer typically show up in your Bank Wire Bingo Site account within 24 hours, sometimes sooner depending on how good the bingo site is at processing the request. Bank Wires are one of the most secure and reliable methods of transfering funds to your bingo account. Banks operate using the highest standards of security protocols, including state of the art encryption and safety measures. You can rest assured that your transfer data is highly secure and protected.

Complications sometimes arise for US players attempting a bank wire transfer due to the restrictions placed on US banks and credit card companies in regards to gambling related transactions. However, some of the third party e-wallets and prepaid deposit methods accept bank wire transfers for funding those accounts, in essence ensuring that US players have access to the bank wire option.

Bingo Sites Accepting Wire Transfers

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